Seattle Area Archivists

126 SW 148th St
Ste C100 Box#368
Seattle, WA 98166-1984


Chair – Ashley Mead
Vice-Chair – Megan Churchwell
Treasurer – Michael Conyers
Secretary – Amanda Demeter
Member At Large – Michael Besozzi

First organized in 1985, Seattle Area Archivists (SeaAA) was formed for the purpose of allowing Seattle archivists “to become acquainted with one another and their archives, share knowledge of resources, and increase professional awareness.” Over thirty years later, SeaAA remains committed to providing opportunities for the informal exchange of information among its members and to promoting the preservation and use of archival, manuscript, and other specialized research materials in the Seattle area. Statement of Purpose

  • to promote cooperation and the exchange of information among individuals interested in the preservation and use of archival and manuscript materials
  • to disseminate information on research materials and archival methodology
  • to provide a forum for the discussion of matters of common concern and promote continuing education
  • to cooperate with other similar cultural and educational organizations

Organizational Structure: SeaAA is registered as a nonprofit corporation in Washington State. Programs and other activities are planned by a volunteer steering committee and are funded by annual membership dues.

5 responses to “About

  1. I have old negatives of my parents and need help how to preserve them and reproduce them as prints.

  2. seattleareaarchivists

    Sorry for the late reply! Please check back with us in a few weeks when we’ll be officially announcing our 2011 Preservation Fair in Seattle! For now I can tell you that it will be on Saturday, May 14th and we’ll have plenty of information on hand to help get you started.


  3. Hi i just did a barn clean out in Kennebunkport, Maine and i came across an old (1867) seamans ledger, perhaps military. The person has referance to many U.S. Ships doing business with them and journaling his/her travels. I have tried a few local antique stores as well as book stores and they have made interesting offers 2 buy. I do not intend to sell my find but i would like some advice on learning more about it! If any 1 can help please email me at musicfr33ks@gmail
    Thank U- Ryan

  4. Just wondering if you can join but not live in Seattle full time. I travel a lot.

    • Seattle Area Archivists


      We’d be happy to have you join! Our focus is on archives in the Seattle area, but residency is not necessary. Thanks for your interest.

      Jeff Winter


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